Thursday, March 13, 2008

DōTerra Announces Founder's Club!

DōTerra is excited to announce a very special opportunity. It is called: The DōTerra Founder's Club.

The program is simple:--The First 25 DoTerra Consultants, who qualify, will be recognized as "Founding Distributors of DōTerra" in each market we open and will share in 2% (Founder's Pool) of that market's year one commissionable sales and 1% of DōTerra's annual commissionable sales thereafter.

The General Requirements for Qualification are:
1. Achieve 3 seperate 5,000 OGV legs.
2. Achieve these legs in the first year (April '08 to March '09 for U.S. market), and hold them for 3 consecutive months.
3. Maintain this level of activity (and associated pin title) for 9 out of 12 months each year.

This bonus will be paid annually.


Anonymous said...

How is a market determined, but regions, states...?


The market is typically determined to be a Country. There may be exceptions to this where multiple countries are commonly treated as a common market.