Thursday, July 30, 2009

Helichrysum Essential Oil

One of the most sought-after essential oils, Helichrysum has traditionally been used for its soothing and regenerative effects. The rare essential oil of Helichrysum is distilled from the flower cluster of an evergreen herb and is highly prized by essential oil users, and is known as the "everlasting" or "immortal" essential oil. A recent article in Natural News reports that a study was conducted at the University of Nigeria that found that the active ingredients in Helichrysum that help lower blood pressure are called curcumene and caryophyllene. They also found significant evidence that rubbing the oil over scars does significantly reduce their appearance, even if the scars have been there for some time.

In addition, the oil's anti spasmodic, anti coagulant and anti allergenic properties have excited most of the medical profession. "Due to the rising number of people suffering from heart attacks and heart disease there is now a lot of research going in to natural substances that show anticoagulant (Blood Thinning) properties. Everything from mosquito saliva to ginger and turmeric have been tested, but none of them seem to be able to match the powers of Helichrysum essential oil. The oil has also been found to be a powerful anti allergenic. Not only does it help reduce the superficial signs of allergies such as skin rashes and stomach aches, but it has also been found to protect the liver, spleen and lungs, which is where the first signs of an allergic reaction may occur."

Not all Helichrysum essential oils offer these healing benefits though. Only pure Helichrysum essential oil will protect and benefit the body. doTERRA's CPTG Helichrysum essential oil is sourced from Corsica, the country best known for growing the highest quality helichrysum.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Aromatherapy For Cramps

Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) soothes and relaxes the body, uplifts and elevates the mood, and cleanses and supports the skin. Allure magazine's blog includes a post about clary sage and cramps:

Aromatherapy For Cramps
By Kristin Cobb

Aromatherapy can be a source of pain relief for menstrual cramps, according to The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. In a study of 45 women who had severe menstrual complaints, some received a 15-minute abdominal massage with aromatherapy oils (lavender, clary sage, and rose) diluted in almond oil for seven days before and the first day of their menstrual period, while others were treated with plain almond oil. Only the aromatherapy group experienced a 42 percent reduction in pain from cramps compared with their previous menstrual period. Lavender may relieve muscular tension, and clary sage and rose may regulate the menstrual cycle and improve hormonal balance, says Myung-Haeng Hur, professor of nursing at Eulji University in Daejeon, South Korea. Though she and her colleagues comment in the study that "in rare instances, skin irritation could occur" after topical application of these oils, no side effects were reported among the participants. For treating menstrual cramps, the best way to deliver aromatherapy is through a massage or bath, Hur advises.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Wedding Bliss

Many happy couples will be saying their “I do’s” this summer, which means that most of us will be attending weddings and bridal showers. Every bride dreams of the perfect day, but with all the items on her to-do list, she may need some help finding “calm” in the midst of chaos.

Essential oils are the perfect match for wedding bliss. A diffuser and a calming oil such as Lavender or Serenity help ease stress and create a relaxing environment for the bride-to-be. To provide a pampering experience before the big day, create a gift basket with doTERRA therapeutic bath salts, Geranium essential oil, and a loofah as a bridal shower gift. The bride will enjoy an at-home spa experience that will soothe her emotions and leave her skin soft and smooth. Or better yet, give her a day at any of the world-class spas that use doTERRA essential oils in massage treatments.

Wedding event planners may also consider adding bottles of doTERRA essential oils to give as party favors. A bottle with a small note attached placed on each table will remind guests of the celebration and will provide them with a treasured take-away. Citrus Bliss, Elevation, Whisper, or any single oil make great gift ideas.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Celebrate FREEdom with doTERRA's Bring Your Friends for FREE Promotion

Have you heard the great news? During the entire month of July, your new enrollees can invite an UNLIMITED number of friends to join doTERRA for FREE! This promotion will help you share and build your team so that friends and family can join the doTERRA team and experience all the health benefits of essential oils.

How does it work? Simply follow these 3 steps:
  1. Enroll a friend ($50 enrollment fee + minimum 100 PV enrollment order required) from July 1-31, 2009.
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How will this promotion help you build your team?

By allowing your enrollee to have friends join free, your new enrollee will receive FAST START Bonuses and commissions on all enrollments and orders, plus get a great start on qualifying for the cruise!

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Green Cleaning with Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil (Citrus limon) is a natural cleanser and has many household uses and health benefits. dōTERRA's lemon essential oil is the highest quality available on the market--it is cold pressed from the rinds of lemons grown in Italy. Italian lemons are much larger and sweeter than domestic lemons, and higher in limonene as well.

Lemon essential oil boosts the effectiveness of cleaning with natural products and leaves a fresh, clean scent around your home. Why switch from off-the shelf products with ingredients like bleach and ammonia? Because those cleaners can irritate your eyes, airways, skin, and nervous system, and they also pollute and contaminate your indoor air and the streams they wash into.

Lemon essential oil will give you all the deep cleaning power you want, plus it is ALL-NATURAL, SAFE, AFFORDABLE, and leaves an UPLIFTING aroma in your home. Below are some recipes to deodorize, disinfect, degrease, polish, and brighten your home with lemon essential oil.

Furniture Polish:
  • Add 4-5 drops lemon essential oil to a small amount of olive oil. (Olive oil is a natural oil that helps to nourish and polish wood.
  • Mix, apply lightly to furniture, and buff for a nice shine.

Basic Household Disinfectant:
  • Fill a spray bottle with water and a squirt of plant-based liquid soap
  • Add 5-10 drops each of lemon, lavender, and white fir essential oils
  • Shake well and apply to all surfaces
Floor Cleaner:
  • Pour 1/4 cup distilled white vinegar to a bucket of water (1 gallon)
  • Add 10-20 drops lemon essential oil
  • Add 3 drops oregano essential oil
Mold & Mildew Spray
  • Pour 2 cups distilled white vinegar into a spray bottle
  • Add 2 drops lemon essential oil and 2 drops melaleuca essential oil
  • Shake well and spray on infected area
Window Cleaner
  • 1 cup distilled white vinegar
  • 10-15 drops lemon essential oil
  • water
  • Mix well in a spray bottle, apply to windows, and wipe

Nurturing with Essential Oils

doTERRA IPC Phillip Bruttig and Madison

"I was visiting my family this past weekend in Orange County. My three-year-old niece Madison overheard a conversation I was having sharing my experience with essential oils. She quickly interrupted the conversation and said, 'Uncle Phil, can you make me feel better?' Then she coughed and said, "I think I need oils rubbed on my feet." Little ones are such a joy :) This was a super cool moment....Thank You, doTERRA!"

PB Assist Blog Giveaway Winner

We're excited to announce the first winner in our blog giveaways. Quincy Magalei and family have won a FREE PB Assist and Lifelong Wellness pack!

"We just returned from a trip three days ago and PB Assist touched each aspect in some way! We stayed healthy even though friends and family suffered through fevers and chills during our stay. We went to a lot of wet, germy places, too! I LOVE doTERRA essential oils and never want to go a day with out them, our trip was SO MUCH LESS STRESSFUL because of them. PB Assist is also such a big part of the health and wholeness puzzle. I am so grateful to doTERRA for thinking so across the board when it comes to health and TRUE wellness."

Quincy Magalei and family

Congratulations to the Magalei family!