Thursday, July 2, 2009

PB Assist Blog Giveaway Winner

We're excited to announce the first winner in our blog giveaways. Quincy Magalei and family have won a FREE PB Assist and Lifelong Wellness pack!

"We just returned from a trip three days ago and PB Assist touched each aspect in some way! We stayed healthy even though friends and family suffered through fevers and chills during our stay. We went to a lot of wet, germy places, too! I LOVE doTERRA essential oils and never want to go a day with out them, our trip was SO MUCH LESS STRESSFUL because of them. PB Assist is also such a big part of the health and wholeness puzzle. I am so grateful to doTERRA for thinking so across the board when it comes to health and TRUE wellness."

Quincy Magalei and family

Congratulations to the Magalei family!

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Karalie Vest said...

Congrats Quincy!!!