Thursday, July 2, 2009

Celebrate FREEdom with doTERRA's Bring Your Friends for FREE Promotion

Have you heard the great news? During the entire month of July, your new enrollees can invite an UNLIMITED number of friends to join doTERRA for FREE! This promotion will help you share and build your team so that friends and family can join the doTERRA team and experience all the health benefits of essential oils.

How does it work? Simply follow these 3 steps:
  1. Enroll a friend ($50 enrollment fee + minimum 100 PV enrollment order required) from July 1-31, 2009.
  2. That friend is now eligible to invite an UNLIMITED number of friends to join doTERRA for FREE!* ($50 membership fee will be waived for new enrollees who place a 100 PV enrolling order and commit to at least a 50 PV AutoShip order at time of enrollment.
  3. Enrollment forms must be e-mailed or faxed clearly identifying the friends whose membership fee will be waived.
How will this promotion help you build your team?

By allowing your enrollee to have friends join free, your new enrollee will receive FAST START Bonuses and commissions on all enrollments and orders, plus get a great start on qualifying for the cruise!

doTERRA has been recognized as one of the TOP OPPORTUNITIES for business builders because of its amazing products and compensation plan. Now is the time to experience phenomenal growth with doTERRA!

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