Monday, February 23, 2009

Flat Belly Diet

There has been a lot of buzz about the new Flat Belly diet and its key ingredient to the 4-Day Anti-Bloat Jumpstart, the Sassy Water. The recipe claims to help you get rid of the pooch, and let's face it, we'd all love to have a flatter belly!

According to Prevention magazine, "the ingredients aren't just for flavor: The ginger also helps calm and soothe your GI tract. Even more important: The simple act of making this Sassy Water every day will serve as a reminder during the 4-Day Jumpstart that life is a little bit different, that things are going to change. It will help you focus on the task ahead: Getting a flatter belly once and for all."
After learning about this recipe on the Today show, Lil Shepherd (Founders' Club Member) decided to revise the recipe using dōTERRA's CPTG essential oils. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Sassy Oil Water Recipe
dōTERRA Ginger essential oil (2-3 drops)
dōTERRA Peppermint essential oil (2-3 drops)
dōTERRA Lemon essential oil (2-3 drops)
Add dōTERRA essential oils to 2 quarts of water and drink as part of your weight management plan.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

National Sleep Awareness Week

Did you know that National Sleep Awareness Week takes place March 1-8, 2009? Getting an adequate amount of quality sleep is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

To celebrate and promote better sleep for a better life, dōTERRA is sponsoring the 1st annual "Pajama-Rama" event in conjunction with Brigham Young University Recreation Management students.

This fun, FREE event for the entire family will take place:
Date: March 5, 2009
Time: 6-8 p.m.
Location: Kids On The Move building located at 475 West 260 North in Orem, Utah,

Activities and educational presentations include:
-a silent auction (with all proceeds to benefit Kids On The Move)
-bedtime games
-a bedtime story presentation given by Wendy Gourley of the Utah Storytelling Guild
-pajama parade/contest, and
-a presentation on the sleep inducing benefits of lavender essential oil by Dr. Hill, dōTERRA's Chief Medical Advisor.

Better sleep means a better lifestyle. A recent article in Medical News Today featured research on how poor sleep is linked to more colds, and another article in Top News Health reported that research shows that a lack of sleep is linked to more injuries in kids.

dōTERRA is pleased to provide this event that will educate parents and individuals on the importance of quality sleep. Sweet dreams!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wonderful Weekends

Don't you just love long weekends? We were able to enjoy a beautiful weekend while up in the mountains of Park City. My daughters went skiing, my sons went snowboarding, and I went snowmobiling with my sister. I love spending time outdoors and with family.

Arriving back at work this morning, everyone seemed to have had a fabulous weekend and shared how they spent their holiday. I realized that even though we all enjoyed having a break on Monday, all of us here at dōTERRA equally enjoy coming to work each day!

We all feel very grateful to work with such wonderful colleagues, friends, and mentors. dōTERRA is a great place to be!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Day Spa Therapy

One of our Premier IPCs, Peggy Langenwalter, shared some fabulous tips on "How to Be Your Own Best Valentine" using dōTERRA essential oils. Thanks for sharing, Peggy!

Spa Therapy

Meditation Blend (for ultimate relaxation)
3 drops frankincense
1 drop myrrh
1 drop sandalwood
1 drop cinnamon bark

Meditation Blend can be modified according to personal preference. The more drops of oil in the diffuser, the stronger the aroma.

Blissful Bath
(for a sensational soak in the tub!)

Fill tub with hot water.
In container put 2-4 cups baking soda and
2-4 cups dōTERRA Bath Salts, Epsom salt, or other salts
Add 5-10 drops dōTERRA essential oil(s) of choice to salts

Pour mixture into tub.
Slide in and relax, breathing deeply to enjoy the calming vapors
Soak for 20-30 minutes.

Some oils to consider: lavender, geranium, Citrus Bliss, Elevation, Serenity, ylang ylang, frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, grapefruit, lemongrass, peppermint, Wild Orange, Aroma Touch, and Balance. Whisper and clary sage are especially helpful for relief of monthly discomfort.

Note: there may be oils that are too hot or strong for sensitive areas. Avoid these oils or use in very small amounts.

I Love My Thighs Application (anti-dimples, anyone? :)

Pour dōTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil in palm of hand (approximately ½ Tablespoon).
Add 3-5 drops citrus oils: lemon and grapefruit, Wild Orange and cypress, or combination of your own creation.

After showering or bathing, pat dry. While thighs are still hydrated and warm from shower or bath, smooth on oil blend. It may take two applications per thigh. Smooth upward toward groin.

Citrus oils are pressed from the rind and are excellent for improving circulation and lymph flow, and for helping rid the body of excess fluid.

Happy Hair Blend (for a great scalp and hair treatment)

Warm ¼ Cup dōTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil
Add 2-5 drops lavender
Add 2-5 drops rosemary

Massage into hair and scalp, wrap in towel or plastic for 10 minutes. Shampoo and rinse.
Essential oils can also be added to shampoo or conditioner. Oils to consider are lavender, rosemary, geranium, and peppermint. Peppermint spritzed on the scalp is especially refreshing on hot summer days.

Fun for My Feet Treatment

Soak feet in warm water with 5-10 drops lavender and melaleuca for 10 minutes. Massage warm, moist feet with dōTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil and essential oils of your choice.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Cooking with Lemon Essential Oil

dōTERRA's Lemon essential oil (Citrus limon) has many wonderful therapeutic benefits, but is also great when added to foods and liquids as a natural flavoring.

Our lemon essential oil is cold pressed from the rinds of lemons grown in Italy. Italian lemons are much larger and sweeter than domestic lemons, and higher in limonene as well.

Lemon essential oil can be added as a flavoring to drinking water, or can be added to dessert recipes, poultry, or fish recipes. Lemon essential oil can be substituted in any recipe that calls for lemon juice, lemon extract, or grated lemon zest. Simply substitute one drop lemon essential oil for one teaspoon lemon extract or lemon juice.

Enjoy all the healthful benefits of lemon essential oil plus great taste in the following recipe:

Tilapia Lemon Parmesan
2-1/2 lbs. Tilapia fillets
2-4 tsp. butter, softened
2 drops dōTERRA lemon essential oil

Lemon-Parmesan Sauce
1 cup mayonnaise
4-6 drops dōTERRA lemon essential oil
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
2 lemons, sliced fresh parsley

Rinse the tilapia fillets in cold water and drain thoroughly.
Top with butter and lemon essential oil.
Broil about 4 inches from the source of heat for approximately 5 to 6 minutes or until the fish is opaque and flakes easily when tested with a fork.
Top each portion with Lemon-Parmesan Sauce; broil 2-3 minutes or until sauce puffs and turns golden brown.
Place fillets on serving plate; garnish with lemon slices and fresh parsley.
Serves: 6

Friday, February 6, 2009

dōTERRA Date Nights!

February, the month of love, is a time when many focus on strengthening and deepening relationships that mean the most to us. For many Independent Product Consultants, having the flexibility to spend more time with their spouse or family members is the best part of owning their own business.

A few weeks ago I met with a few leaders who mentioned that they have "dōTERRA Date Nights". While enjoying an evening of dinner and fun with their spouse, close friends, and team members, they strengthen relationships and enjoy each others' company.

So this weekend, enjoy a dōTERRA date night, and please keep sharing your great ideas with us!

Monday, February 2, 2009

This month, capture that special someone's heart with the alluring, romantic fragrance of Whisper. To celebrate the feelings of love and romance associated with the month of February, dōTERRA is offering 10% off Whisper during the entire month. Whisper is a perfect blend of several CPTG essential oils that impart beauty, femininity, and allure.

Containing the most-loved scents of rose, jasmine, bergamot, cinnamon, cistus, vetiver, ylang ylang, cocoa, vanilla, sandalwood, and patchouli, its subtle fragrance, once applied, mingles with your individual scent to enhance the essence that is all your own.

Apply it topically, or diffuse it in a room to create a mood that is romantic and inviting.