Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Announcing DōTerra Fast Start & Power of 3™ Bonuses

Fast Start Bonus—Enjoy weekly checks and an accelerated earning period when you sponsor new Consultants. DōTerra's Fast Start Bonus is designed to put income into the pockets of qualifying Consultants very quickly. DōTerra will pay all qualified Consultants an accelerated bonus on all commissionable volume from newly enrolled Consultants for their first 30 days. This 30 day period is called the Fast Start period.

Fast Start Bonus


on your 1st generation


on your 2nd generation


on your 3rd generation


on your 4th generation

Consultants must be in the Auto Rewards Program to qualify for Fast Start Bonuses (otherwise normal unilevel commissions are paid). Fast Start Bonus is greater than the maximum payout amount on all 7 levels in DōTerra's Unilevel plan. It is an amazing Fast Start to building a sizeable income stream from the sales of a growing organization of Consultants with DōTerra.

Power of 3™ Bonus—Knowing how to structure your organization can be challenging for new Consultants. With DōTerra's Power of 3 Bonus, consultants will be rewarded for building a strong 3 leg structure immediately. This bonus will be another way for qualifying consultants to accelerate their earnings and will be paid each month that the structure is maintained.

Power of 3 Bonus™

Monthly Bonus

Number of Participants




Be a qualified Consultant with 100 PV Auto Rewards; Build a Team of 3 qualified 1st Level Consultants; 600 Total Group Volume (GV) Required




Be qualified for the $50 Bonus; Help 3 1st Level Consultants qualify for the $50 Bonus by creating their own teams of 3 qualified Consultants; 2,000 GV Required



Be qualified for the $50 Bonus; Help 3 of your 1st Level Consultants each qualify for the $250/$500 Bonus; 6,000 GV Required

*DōTerra is doubling the $250 Bonus during Pre-Launch Phase!

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