Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yoga Classes with Aromatherapy

Whether you work in an office all day, are an athlete in training, or a busy mom chasing toddlers, chances are you could use a yoga break!

A group of us at dōTERRA recently attended our first yoga class together and discovered how amazing it is. Add aromatherapy to this deeply meditative discipline, and you have the perfect combination for a calming, inspiring experience that includes deep breathing, flowing movement, and increased strength and flexibility. To learn more, read these two excellent articles written by Dr. Maryann Thorhallsson about yoga and essential oils.
Crystal Wood, an Independent Product Consultant, is offering classes and personal training with aromatherapy by dōTERRA for Utah Valley locals.

Gift Idea:

If you have friends or family who are yoga enthusiasts, dōTERRA's aromatherapy products make great gifts! Consider giving them a diffuser with essential oils. Essential oils allow for better oxygenation to tissues due to deeper breathing, and can be calming or invigorating, depending on the oils used.

Yoga Tip for students:
Apply a few drops of Breathe Respiratory Blend to the palms, rub together, and inhale deeply before class to invigorate the mind and senses.

Yoga Tip for instructors:
Diffuse Serenity Calming Blend to create a meditative atmosphere in the studio.

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