Monday, March 30, 2009

dōTERRA Dr. Mom Kit Survey Results

Our latest blog survey asked the following question:
Which essential oil blend in the Dr. Mom kit do you use most frequently?

Here are the results starting with the most frequently used blend:
1. On Guard (50%)
[Editor's note: Smart choice, since On Guard helps prevent the onset of illness!]
2. Breathe (22%)
[Makes sense that it's the second most-used blend, since respiratory issues are a big concern during the winter months and are an on-going concern for those with asthma.]

3. Deep Blue (18%)
[It's great to have Deep Blue since we frequently encounter discomfort due to everyday activities or chronic conditions.]

4. DigestZen (9%)
[Stomachaches, nausea, and perhaps heartburn or acid reflux can take its toll. Keep a bottle of DigestZen handy all the time!]

Thanks for participating, and be sure to also leave comments on our blog! We love to hear from you and will soon be offering giveaways to encourage more participation!

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