Friday, October 24, 2008

Essential News / Launch Report

Our official launch was AWESOME!  To read all the major news, comments, and announcements, please click here:

Thank you!

Additonal comments from attendees--

Excellent conference!  Lots of important info.  Excellent vibes.  

My kind o' conference, my kind o' people, my kind o' team! 

Very impressed!  Especially this being your first conference.  I feel the passion, integrity, and commitment that is so rare to find nowadays.  I'm a part of the family now! 

This has been the best, most informative conference that I have ever attended.  The manner that it was presented was very professional & powerful.  The time passed much too quickly. 

Nicole was awesome--what a gifted educator! 

Natalyn--amazing girl! 

Conference has been wonderful.  Information was helpful.  

I thought it was extremely generous of you to let everyone use the oils freely and experience the wellness capsules. 

The food---oh yeah!  Excellent! 

Natalyn--loved her! 

I was so impressed with this educational seminar over the past 2 days.  I have learned so much and met so many wonderful people.  

Thank you so much.  I love dōTERRA! 

This info was exceptional--thank you so much for all the educational info--not just business info.  Thank you for staying on task/time.  

I am so excited about the opportunity to e-mail the info to potential customers. 

Thank you for following your instincts and vision so we can make the world a better place. 

Food was excellent--thoughtful timing in afternoon.  Whole experience was extraordinary--very educational. 

I am proud to be a part of dōTERRA.  My hope is to do you proud also. 

Dave S—genuine 

Emily--lots of experience and knowledge of oils 

Dr. Hill--smooth speaker and approachable.  He can relate to us. 

Nicole--excellent research 

HK Lin-- adorable and genuine 

Great!!  Thanks so very much for all your time and effort on our behalf. 

This has been a blessing from God to be here and share the knowledge and love.  This is more than a company--it's a family! 

I really appreciated the entire event.  Very informative. 

Thanks for all your hard work!

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