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Essential News for August 29, 2008

Dear Consultants and Friends of DōTerra,

It's not too late!

Due to the Labor Day holiday and based on popular request, we have decided to extend the Launch Celebration & Training Conference 2008 Promotion! You now have until Tuesday, September 2, to register for the event and receive 50 AutoShip Reward product redemption points. (Redeemable after October 20, 2008.)

We are extremely excited about the magnitude of education that will be offered at this momentous event. Not only are we excited to celebrate the official launch of DōTerra with you, we also want to send you home completely educated about our new nutritional products, the multi-faceted benefits and uses of essential oils, how to get started with DōTerra as a professional business, and recent scientific findings from industry experts. Join us for much fun, education, and celebration!  We welcome friends and neighbors that are not yet members of DōTerra to join you. 

Please click here for more information.

DōTerra Conference Call

DōTerra recently held an exciting conference call with company executives. Important details pertaining to the upcoming Launch Celebration & Training Conference 2008 were discussed. A recorded version of the call is available for those who missed it:

Playback Number: (712) 432-1282
Access Code: 561359#

An audio file is available here.

DōTerra Partners with Scientific & Industry Experts

Join us at our Launch Celebration and Training Conference in October and hear informative presentations from scientific and industry experts on essential oils, nutrition, and building your DōTerra business. We have packed a great deal of information into two days—you may go away a bit tired, but you will have a great deal of new knowledge that will enhance your health and financial wellness.

Workshop:  “Inflammation and Degenerative Disease”
Presenter:  David Hill, DC
Inflammation has been dubbed the “silent killer” because it is the root cause of many chronic health problems. Join Dr. David Hill as he explores the root causes of inflammation and teaches lifestyle, essential oil, nutritional, and other natural solutions that support a more healthy inflammatory response to free radical, toxic, and pathogenic stressors.

Workshop:  “DōTerra Lifelong Nutritionals”
Presenter:  Robert Young
Be first to learn about DōTerra’s cutting-edge dietary supplements. Industry expert and DōTerra Vice President of Marketing, Robert Young, will teach how a daily commitment to supplemental antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, and essential oils will provide not only a foundation for a lifetime of vitality and wellness, but will also provide a solid foundation for a thriving DōTerra business.

Workshop:  “If You Build It, They Will Come”
Presenter:  Justin Harrison
Founding Premiere Executive, Justin Harrison, will share his core commitments of direct-selling success. Learn a simple duplication model for enrolling new consultants and building sustainable volume in your business organization through the art of natural selling.

Training Session:   “Frankincense Oil in Cancer Research”
Presenter:  Hsueh-Kung  Lin, PhD
Geneticist and Immunologist, Dr. HK Lin, current Director of the Regenerative Medicine Laboratory at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, will present his latest findings from his research of frankincense and cancer, and will discuss future essential oil research opportunities. 

Training Session:  “Essential Oils in Anti-cancer Research”
Presenter:  Nicole Stevens, MS
Chemist and university educator Nicole Smith, MS, is an expert and pioneer in the study of therapeutic-grade essential oils and their activity on specific pathogens. She will be presenting a body of compelling laboratory findings spanning the last several years of her university research.

Training Session:  “Cellular Energy Super-Highway”
Presenter:  Mark Pedersen, N.D.
Learn how you can look, feel, and live better, longer with DōTerra’s new line of dietary supplements. Renowned biochemist, herbalist, and author, Dr. Mark Pedersen, will discuss the latest scientific research on nature’s cellular longevity polyphenols and supercharging your cellular energy highway.

How to register:

Contact Member Services at 1-800-411-8151 or fax the completed registration form to (801) 615-7205.
(Click here to download registration form.)

Hotel contact information:

Contact Little America Hotel at 800-453-9450 and request the DoTerra room block rate.
Courtside Rooms--$102 (single/double rate)
Garden Rooms--$119 (single/double rate)
Tower Rooms--$129 (single/double rate)

For more information, please visit Dō  Information regarding presentations will be added on a regular basis, so please revisit often.  We look forward to sharing this much anticipated event with you!

 Product Tip of the week
Try blending 3 drops of grapefuit and 3 drops of cypress in a tablespoon of DōTerra's Fractionated Coconut Oil as an invigorating slimming blend.  This mixture may be rubbeed on thighs and other problem areas.  It also offers a very uplifting, pleasant fragrance.

Inspirational Story of the week
I love DōTerra!  Not only have I been able to do what I love, but my clients see a difference in these oils. I now have people-- health practitioners mostly-- seeking me out to get involved, due to the amazing quality of these essential oils!  I have earned more money with DōTerra in the past 4 months than I earned with my previous company in the first full 5 years!  The part I love the best is that I have not beat the bushes for one client or business partner yet, nor do I intend to!  Thanks, guys!

  Star Valley, WY

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