Thursday, February 7, 2008

Competitive Advantages (The Magic)

First, we bring the most pure and effective essential oils to the market. Over the years, members of our team have become widely known and respected throughout the essential oils world. Because of this life experience, we have recently been able to uncover sources of essential oils that have never been previously known. Second, as an alternative wellness company, we embrace modern or western medicine in a complimentary fashion, and are in process to partner with world-renowned hospitals and physicians. Third, we have partnered with Dr. David Hill to provide the highest level of education and training for thousands of consultants on the benefits and use of essential oils. Fourth, we have partnered with well-known authorities to represent our image and commitment to a premium quality and to authenticate the message and direction of the essential oils market. Fifth, we offer the most compelling compensation plan of any essential oils company to incent strong product retail sales and business building.

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