Monday, January 28, 2008

The solution to the problem

Essential oils and natural extracts are the “soul” of a plant, possessing tremendous power and energy. As a rule of thumb, it generally requires anywhere from one to ten tons of flowers or plants to produce slightly more than a liter of essential botanical oil. For healing and therapeutic purposes, these oils must either be used in their purest and most concentrated forms or combined with common “carrier oils” for everyday use. Over 300 identified aromatic plants throughout the world yield their precious oils (or nature’s living energy) when properly distilled. Each oil contains the ability to aid in the relief and treatment of basic everyday physical and emotional wellness. Our key suppliers source for us the most pure and potent essential oils in the world. For example, our Frankincense actually comes from Oman, not from India as is the case with other competitors. By demanding the strictest quality standards in the industry, we will generate the most pure and premium essential oils on the planet. We also have access to advanced technologies that promote consumption by users of the product. We further anticipate a premium package for the products and expect to employ delivery systems familiar to the average consumer.

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Anonymous said...

I am so excited to be a part of doterra. The quality of the products and the executives (I have seen the products and know of the executives)give me hope that there is a pure marketable product waiting for us to share.Thanks for working so hard for each of us. Pat Leavitt