Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pre Launch of Birch Essential Oil

For years, Birch essential oil has been sought after for its unique properties, but has been unavailable. Until now.

doTERRA is pleased to bring you the only 100% pure Birch Essential Oil available in the world.

Pure Birch oil contains 99% methyl salicylate, which has a cortisone-like action. A massage with Birch essential oil invigorates the body and reduces discomfort in the muscles, bones, and joints.

Special Promotion:
(August 5, 2009 - September 15, 2009) Receive a FREE bottle of Birch (15 ml) and bottle of Peppermint Essential Oil (15 ml) with any order of 200 PV or more! Birch essential oil will only be available as a promotional item for a limited time.

Historical Benefits of Birch Oil:
  • Beneficial for bone, muscle, and joint discomfort
  • Reduces inflammation and offers relief from discomfort associated with arthritis, tendonitis, and rheumatism
  • Cleanses the skin for protection against bacterial and fungal infections
Birch essential oil's powerfully sweet aroma makes it a favorite for use in massage. It provides deep relief to muscles and overall body discomfort and has also been considered an excellent detoxifier.

*For topical or aromatic use.

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