Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Introducing PB Assist-Probiotic Defense Formula

We're pleased to announce the launch of our potent probiotic formula-
PB Assist! This proprietary blend of friendly probiotic microorganisms is safe to use by all members of your family.

PB Assist:
  • Supports healthy digestive functions and immunities
  • Boosts GI immunities to prevent digestive infections such as traveler's diarrhea
  • Helps manage the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome
  • Supports optimal absorption of food nutrients and energy metabolism
  • Helps support healthy skin conditions

To learn more about how probiotics benefit the body, read our Product Information Page here.

With the summer travel season upon us, PB Assist is a must-have for any vacation. Medical science has suggested that probiotics prevent digestive infections such as TRAVELER's diarrhea. Keep yourself and family members healthy while on vacation with PB Assist.

To kick off the season, we're offering our first blog giveaway!

Enter to Win a FREE PB Assist and Lifelong Wellness Pack

How to enter the giveaway:
1. Submit a comment on this post about PB Assist. (1 point)
2. Email a photo of yourself and/or family members on vacation (or staycation) with your box of PB Assist to (1-3 points, depending on photo creativity)
3. Link to our blog on your site (2 points)

This contest ends on June 25, 2009, (midnight MT). The prize winner will be notified in a post on this blog at the end of June, so be sure to check back often!


doTERRA said...

The PB Assist is great! It helps boost your body to stay healthy and is so easy to take. The beadlets are small enough for a baby to swallow. What a great way to take action in keeping our families healthy!

Anonymous said...

We are so WOW'ed by everything we have learned about PB Assist. Can't wait to share it with others. We LOVE doTERRA!!!!!

dakanak said...

PB Assist sounds like an exciting and simple way to keep your body at it's best! Combining this with the benefits of the Wellness Pack will bring about the epitome of health for your home! What confidence this gives parents in keeping their families safe and healthy!

Emili said...

I'm a fan. :)

Serenus said...

I am excited about all that I am learning with doTERRA and it just keeps getting better. PB Assist is something we were all waiting for -- we just didn't know it until now.

Lyme Girl said...

I am excited about this new product and can't wait to try it! This sounds like sooo much more than a pro-biotic. My husband wants me to wait until I've finished the other inferior product I already have, but I am willing and ready. I don't have an adorable photo of me using the product, but I have a sad tale of Lyme disease. Does that work? Thanks for great oils! We love them!

Quincy said...

I am thrilled with the PB Assist, particularly having a product that has been so thoroughly researched and presented, and can help my family in our journey of health and wholeness. Probiotics are such a big part of the puzzle, thank you doTerra! We just returned from a trip and have made our giveaway submission!

Hi said...

I Love Your Products!

I also put a link to my blog for 2 more points

Daily Tid-Bits said...

I would love to win this for my family. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

doTERRA is a life saver! I wont live without it and neither will my family.