Wednesday, June 18, 2008

DoTerra Founder's Club

In order to bring experienced leadership, and to ensure the success of our new essential oils company, DoTerra is literally offering this “Once in a Lifetime Opportunity”. The opportunity is to:

•Be forever recognized as a Founding Distributor of DoTerra.
•Earn a share of 1% percent of DoTerra company volume indefinitely.
•Gain Status as Founder’s Club member, and receive all of the club’s privileges.
•Only 25 members will qualify for this exclusive club.

The requirements for qualification are simple:
1. Achieve 3 separate legs with 5,000 Organizational Group Volume (OGV) in each leg.
2. Achieve these legs in the first year (April '08 to March '09 for U.S. market), and hold them for 3 consecutive months.
3. Maintain this level of activity (and associated pin title) for 9 out of 12 months each subsequent year.

This bonus will be paid annually. There are still 24 spots open, as it appears Justin Harrison has already met his 3rd month of qualification in the short 7 weeks since we began.

Our friendly tip for those interested in qualifying for this unique opportunity--Help those you have enrolled to qualify for the Founder's Club, and you will naturally qualify yourself. You will find as you build your DoTerra business that the best way for you to succeed is to help others in your organization!

Best of luck to all in your qualification!

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